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Indoor Ozone

What is indoor ozone?

Ozone is a colourless unstable toxic gas with a strong odour and powerful oxidizing properties. It can be formed from electrical discharges or by ultraviolet light. It differs from normal oxygen in that is has three atoms in its molecule. Research has shown that in the absence of indoor sources of ozone, indoor ozone levels will be 20-70% lower than outdoor levels and will mirror the outdoor daily and seasonal ozone fluctuations (i.e. those caused by sunshine, temperature, and other factors). The wide percentage is due mainly to differences in the amount of fresh air return in ventilation systems.

How does Ozone Affect Health?

Ozone can cause a variety of health problems such as pains in the chest, coughing, and irritation in the throat. It can irritate existing problems such as bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma. Prolonged or repeated exposure to ozone can cause scars on lung tissue.

Indoor ozone in workshops

Indoor ozone concentrations will increase in any facility where electric motors, power generators, or transformers exist. For instance, in scientific laboratories, where rotary pumps, vacuum pumps, fume hoods, and other power generating equipment are prevalent, There will be a resultant increase in ozone concentrations. Ozone attacks chemical compounds with double bonds, which includes rubber, plastics, textiles, vinyl, and many other materials and can cause rapid deterioration of these materials.

Indoor ozone in offices

Indoor Ozone levels in office areas can increase due to the use of equipment like copiers, laser printers, and projection lamps. Other VOCs may also be produced by these office machines so sufficient ventilation should be available to protect workers’ health. Ozone is also produced from industrial activities where UV radiation is emitted, such as with arc welding. Synergy Environmental solutions can measure the levels of ozone in your home or workplace.

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